lundi 18 août 2008

Apparent contradictions

In reading over a couple of old posts, I noticed several things that seem to contradict each other on here. Not that I need to clear them up, but I might as well :)

I mentioned at the beginning of this month that I'm working. A couple of days later, I wrote that I was looking for a job. Well, it's both. I'm only working part-time right now and am looking for something full-time after my temporary contract is up. I'm grateful for the part-time work because it's been a nice transition from the academic life into the working world but at the same time, I have to start paying some bills. I applied for another part-time job but it's been several weeks and I haven't heard anything so I'll start looking for something else this week.

And a few minutes ago, I wrote that I don't have a good paper record of my lists but in the midst of organizing some labels on this blog, I found an old post where I stated that I have a notebook full of lists. I do, but that book is full of to-do lists where I rip out the sheets after I'm done with them. This is going to be the first time that I've actually kept my lists and where they won't just be full of homework assignments :)

That's all; just a few unnecessary clarifications but I figured it wouldn't hurt to set the record straight. After all, this blog may be the only thing that's kept track of anything of my insane life so far!

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