lundi 18 août 2008

Alphabetical, numerical and more

I forget if it was at church or in a book that I first heard about the idea of using lists as a form of journalling. I guess it's obvious that I really enjoy making lists; my brain seems to be conditioned that way :) Although I don't yet have ambitions of going through any of the lists of the bests (whether in books, movies, travel, etc.), I like the idea of charting one's progress and keeping a record of them.

When I first got to Montreal, I had this strange and urgent need to go and buy a journal even though I rarely write in them (the last time - apart from mandatory school assignments - being high school). Right now, there are only two entries from the past three months but I'm thinking of taking it up again with a new format: lists. Given my track record on here and in my paper journals, I'm hoping this will inspire me to write more!

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