samedi 9 février 2008

Patience is a virtue

I quite like making lists (believe me, I have a notebook full of them!) so I thought I'd share a few things that I have been waiting for lately:
1. For my flu to go away - and to stay away for the rest of the semester.
2. For my hair to grow back to normal; this might take another year.
3. For a free day when I can sit down and fully complete all of the requirements for this one particular course that's been driving me nuts.
4. For graduation day... although I feel a bit bittersweet about this one.
5. For people to stop giving me a quizzical look about why I'm still in school :) (Actually, I get more people asking me how many years I have left - now I can say none!!)
6. For my books to arrive in the mail (umm, happy Valentine's Day to me?).
7. For a chance to visit Grandma.
8. For the day that I will no longer have to write book reports/reviews! I love reading books but I'm getting tired of going through them for the sake of writing some sort of paper afterwards to appease my profs.
9. For some time to finally go to H&M in town (now I just have to stop saying the store name in French!).
10. For the day that I will no longer have to carry student ID with me; okay, I guess I will miss the U-Pass.
11. For another free day this week when I can sit down and write the introduction to my thesis so as to get the ball rolling. (Okay, this ended up taking several days, and did not actually happen until the beginning of April - how sad.)
12. For reading break when I will hole myself up in my room and most likely listen to all of the music on my computer while plugging away at the copious amount of writing I'll have to do. (It's over already?! What happened to this copious amount of writing I spoke of - why is it non-existent?!)
13. For some time this summer to try a bunch of new recipes and to cook a whole lot more than I've been able to as a student.
14. For the month of May in which I will completely sort and purge everything I own, hooray! (Almost there!)
15. For... life? I feel like I'm stuck in a perpetual limbo right now and I'm having a hard time seeing past the books and papers. My friends were talking about whether they should go into grad school right after they finish their undergrad degrees and although I do recommend it, I have to admit that I am beyond the state of weariness at this point. That is all - back to daily living now, which mostly comprises of the lack of sleep ;)

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