jeudi 4 septembre 2003

100 Things about Me

1. I first heard the Gospel when I was in grade nine.
2. I am the least photogenic person there is.
3. I was on the yearbook committee for four years.
4. I had early acceptance into a nursing program but declined it.
5. My favourite flavour/scent for anything is vanilla.
6. I am very blessed that I have a wonderful home church.
7. I technically completed high school in two and a half years.
8. I like going to used book sales.
9. I always pour my milk into the bowl before I add the cereal.
10. Most of my friends were busy when I got baptized and couldn't come.
11. I went to a French school for half a year.
12. The first concert that I went to was Jars of Clay.
13. I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles.
14. Before grade ten, I had never been anywhere out of my own province.
15. I want to live a very minimalistic life, ideally in a small space.
16. I love anything having to do with organizing - sorting, purging, etc.
17. I do not have any grandparents.
18. I sometimes stutter because I try to communicate all my thoughts at once.
19. My favourite chair when I was younger was a neon pink Elmo chair.
20. I have never liked Japanimation, nor will I ever.
21. I was a playground bully, but only toward annoying boys.
22. I am a terrible orator; I avoid public speaking whenever possible.
23. I am waiting for the day when I can finally travel to western Europe.
24. I speak three languages: English, Teochew, and Vietnamese.
25. I am learning three other languages: French, Cantonese, and Hokkien.
26. I missed my church's groundbreaking because I was at a math class.
27. I avoid tanning at every cost.
28. I read all the books in the Clearwater Crossing series in high school.
29. I took spring and summer courses every year in college.
30. I love watching documentaries of almost any sort.
31. I had the best spaghetti ever in Disneyland.
32. I have been an intern eight times (do professional interns exist?).
33. I've taken out the limit of library books allowed to be borrowed (99).
34. I got 100% on the written portion of my English diploma and Language Arts Achievement Test.
35. I cannot stand cucumbers or bean sprouts.
36. I once considered going into English, Linguistics, or Communications.
37. I love this line: "Until you find something worth dying for, you're not really living."
38. I'm the worst when it comes to staying in contact with people.
39. I learned to handwrite when I was four - I'm sure it looked terrible.
40. Supposedly, I'm an ENFP, but I'm starting to doubt this.
41. I enjoy it when people point out my Canadian accent.
42. I can't use chopsticks; I've faked my way through it my whole life.
43. I dislike the look of desktop icons so I only have one on mine.
44. I hurt my knee playing basketball at the beginning of high school.
45. I am really thrilled with the way my undergrad thesis turned out.
46. I got to help out at a live worship album recording in 2002.
47. I'm a visual and kinesthetic learner - definitely not auditory!
48. I took a year of Koine Greek for fun.
49. I started my own business when I was ten and had a blast.
50. I haven't used a locker since I was in grade eleven.
51. I enjoy auditing classes and hope to take a class each year.
52. I think modesty is important but notice that this isn't always the case at Bible colleges/churches.
53. My cousin and I had identical troll dolls named Barretta and Barrettie.
54. I remember trying to fit a Big Mac into my mouth when I was five.
55. I was in a sign language club in elementary school.
56. I created a science club in junior high; how geeky is that?
57. I don't really follow any television series.
58. My books used to be organized by height, now it is by genre and the alphabet.
59. I absolutely love walking around everywhere, particularly downtown, when I travel to different cities (New York City, Boston, Quebec City, Ottawa, etc.).
60. I learned calligraphy in grade seven from my friend Jenny.
61. I am not as reliable as I'd like to be.
62. My favourite colour is blue.
63. I used to spend about fifteen hours working at church on Sundays.
64. I only got my learner's driving permit because a classmate made me.
65. My favourite worship songs are Power of Your Love and For the Cross.
66. I've sadly become adept at putting bibliographies together.
67. My mom taught me to crochet when I was eight.
68. I used to stay up past my bedtime reading books with a flashlight.
69. I am a very slow reader when it comes to non-fiction.
70. I have been playing the licence plate game since 2005.
71. I miss Wishbone; I would love to have it on DVD.
72. Missions will always be on my heart.
73. Poutine is one of the greatest foods ever invented.
74. I went to the best high school in the city :)
75. I wanted to be an interior designer when I was ten.
76. I enjoy music - especially hymns - with bagpipes.
77. I was in choir for six years yet I can barely carry a tune.
78. I recited the entire St. Crispin's Day speech before my class.
79. I have a strange fear of sunflowers and butterflies.
80. My favourite hymn is Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.
81. I go to the movie theatre maybe once a year, if that.
82. My favourite movies are usually BBC adaptations of classic novels.
83. I used to write letters to authors and some of them wrote back.
84. I've volunteered or worked in four different libraries.
85. I used to write a lot of stories but I didn't finish most of them.
86. My clocks and watches are never on time.
87. I'd like to incorporate more fine arts into my life.
88. I love making layouts on PageMaker and Publisher.
89. I always take sermon notes at church.
90. I don't really remember going to seminary and what the experience was like.
91. I would love to take a course on systematic spirituality (sans any mysticism).
92. I don't drink coffee at all.
93. I really want to be in a position where I can extend hospitality to others.
94. Psalm 56 is my favourite psalm (and not because of the first line).
95. I prefer ten-pin bowling to five-pin.
96. I once made a badminton video using the old VHS camcorders and one of the first versions of Adobe Premiere released.
97. I was the only girl in my Science Olympics group; we placed 4th in the city.
98. I can swallow pills without water.
99. I walk fast and find it difficult to slow down when I'm with others.
100. I hope that one day, people will look back and see my life as one devoted to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and one wholly lived through Him in everything - in life, love, faith, speech and purity.

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