mardi 7 novembre 2006

Old Cowtown

I was chatting with one of my classmates when we discovered that we were both born and raised in Calgary, leading us to reminisce about the things that we grew up with in a smaller city back then. People who have lived here then or for a long time will remember these things as well. I wish I could recall more things but this is what I have so far:

- CFCN used to be on channel 5
- Buckshot and Benny the Bear entertained us every weekend
- CFCN used to have a Broadcast Tent on the Stampede grounds where kids could go and get autographs from Buckshot and Benny the Bear
- Calgary Co-op used to have $1.49 days on the first Monday of every month (or was it Tuesday?)
- Global TV used to be an independent television station
- Pacific Place Mall used to be Franklin Mall
- Electric Avenue was always in the news for some problem
- The southbound train used to go to Anderson, none of these long and cumbersome transit station names!
- The city had to cajole people into going to the hockey games if memory serves me correctly
- Canadian Airlines used to have an office overlooking Memorial Drive
- Canadian Airlines also used to have their logo on the Saddledome back when they owned it
- The "City of Calgary" almost became "Calgary City" because the domain of was unavailable; however, was available at the time preventing this change
- The IMAX theatre was super for science class field trips until it shut down
- The Calgary Sun adopted a tabloid-format sometime in the 90s 80s and used to have a Sunshine Boy which was really quite ugly. Thanks to Ian for letting me know the correct decade - along with his other great Calgary memories! I seem to remember this format change so that must have come earlier than I thought :)
- People went to the London Town Square movie theatre before the Sunridge Spectrum was built
- We had the Calgary Cannons baseball team and the Calgary Public Library would offer free game tickets to kids in its summer reading program
- The Calgary Mirror used to serve as the community/neighbourhood newspaper
- AGT transformed into the animal-acting empire of Telus
- The local news used to air CrimeStoppers reenactments - do they still do this?

I've missed a bunch of other things so please leave a comment if there's something I didn't cover. Oh Cowtown, how you've changed and become so much more crowded.

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