samedi 7 janvier 2006

Picture project

I've always enjoyed participating in Michelle's fun blogging projects and this year, it looks like it will be a great one. That's right, Hometown Six has begun! The task is: January's Hometown Six involves collecting photographs of six signs of your hometown or area's name.

On that note, here is the first of six hometown photos. This is part of a picture that I took for a class assignment which I happened to have on hand (er, computer). Whenever I see something that mentions "The City of Calgary", I always think back to the kerfuffle a few years ago about the possible name change to "Calgary City" and how it was over some person's refusal to sell a website domain. Anyways, I'm extremely glad that it didn't change; it just doesn't sound right.

The second is something that has already appeared on here, but it is from Montreal. I'll probably be posting pictures of that city for the next few months instead of Calgary because it makes more sense :) I'm a bit sad that I'll be leaving Calgary behind but there will always be the second half of this year to take more pictures of it. Meanwhile, I'll have to remember to take the next four pictures this month!

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