samedi 5 juin 2004

Game 6 coming up

This song is completely appropriate for tomorrow night: "In Da Dome" by Getti. But I'm not so sure about this one though: "The Flames, The Flames" by Willy Hung. It's awesome how hockey is making such a revival in the city. Does anyone remember how not too long ago (maybe a year or two ago, I forget), the situation was getting desperate because nobody was purchasing hockey tickets? There were massive ad campaigns and fears that we could lose the Flames if there weren't enough people interested in coming out to watch. I think there was something in the Sun or Herald showing a little thermometer that indicated the amount of support received each day. I'm grasping at my memory here, so if anyone remembers more than that, feel free to drop a comment.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time at work today chatting up last night's game with all the women and we just went ballistic about it, which I bet is a rare sight! I realized a few weeks ago that I actually remember watching the 1989 games when we won the Cup. I don't know why I didn't remember something that significant, but then again I was pretty young. In fact, my first memories of watching television are of hockey games and the six o'clock news. I'll be honest though, my interest waned over the years but admittedly, nothing major happened for the fifteen years there. Now it's just more meaningful because I can say I've been cheering for the Flames since I was in diapers and tomorrow, we are going to clinch the Cup at home!

More Flames-related stuff because this may be the second-last post:

- Here are some personal pictures that were taken at game 4 by Jay Jung (I think that's his name?): 'Prophecy', Faceoff, Hard-Working Cameras

- Here's a hilarious MasterCard example used by a dedicated fan:
"One sign being carried by a man with a shaved head and a Flaming C painted on either side:
Airfare to Tampa Bay: $800
Tickets to Game 5: $200
Explaining head paint to United States Customs: Priceless."

- The famous sign on St. Matthias Anglican Church (in Edmonton) everybody has been talking about and showing over the news. Clever church - it's not one of those usual groaners!

- I can't believe that 17th Avenue has made the news on ESPN, CTV, Globe and Mail, NHL, MSNBC, TSN, Macleans and ABC Action News. Weird stuff.

- Only in Canada could this happen:
"A Calgary high school scheduled final exams around the Flames playoff games ensuring no tests were given the morning after the hometown favourites took to the ice."

- If you watch Tampa Bay's 10 video stories that they did on Calgary, you'll probably learn that we "eat, sleep, and breathe hockey" and that we have "sticky fingers". Ah hum... draw your own conclusions.

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