mercredi 14 juillet 2004

Goodbye IMAX

I found out that IMAX will be closing its doors this Sunday after I went to see Ocean Oasis tonight. I'm pretty devastated about this since it means that there won't be a place to watch great, educational films anymore.

I guess it brings me back to my Science Discovery class in junior high the most. We went on a field trip every month and sometimes more, with a bunch of them being a feature or two at the IMAX theatre. I've seen countless films on space, mountains, volcanoes, and wildlife. I remember one film in particular, which was about evolution and how life began with the Big Bang Theory. I voiced my displeasure with the science teacher and to my amazement, he told me to write a paragraph on it. Even though this was a minor thing, it changed how I viewed my faith because I later found out that my teacher was a Christian. Instead of pushing creation, he challenged me to look into the issue and learn the facts for myself. He showed me how reason and logic can work alongside faith, and it's something I'm especially grateful for.

My youth group also went to the IMAX for our high school grad, and we ended up seeing this ridiculous space movie where Tom Cruise was the narrator. To highlight the extent of the ridiculousness, it got to the point where Tom delivered this melodramatic line, "Astronauts need to bring supplies with them because it's not as if they can buy things from a store on Mars." Right... I guess not all films are automatic winners ;)

I suppose my favourite thing about IMAX would have to be seeing the beauty of God's creation, and how intricate everything is, from tiny little bugs to stars in the sky. Even tonight, seeing how certain fish and creatures in the sea have symbiotic relationships, it was amazing to see God's handiwork in all of that.

I only hope that one day the IMAX will reopen again. I think my friend mentioned that somebody bought the theatre over. All I have to say is that 'regular' movie theatres cannot do it justice with all the crud that it airs.

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