samedi 5 avril 2008

Saturday musings

Thesis Thoughts:
I've been stressing over this thesis for the past week, but it just hit me last night that my adviser has given me prior permission to use last semester's term project for this paper. This means I already have material that I am allowed to use again, which was part of the original agreement I made, something that has apparently slipped my mind until now. Wow, do I ever forget important things!

While I'm fixing up some of those pages, I'm also doing a bit of research on Statistics Canada and Theses Canada. In looking up information through the Government of Canada, I came across this handy list of religions in Canada, which is really fascinating. Part of what I'm writing about is that the Canadian census uses outdated religious categories to classify people (going back to 100 years ago) and that this is not truly reflective of current society. For instance, there is no way to accurately measure Christians of an evangelical persuasion (whether by theology or church denomination), making census analysis somewhat difficult. I haven't quite found a thesis that discusses this yet but there are some interesting topics that people have written on!

Non-Thesis Thoughts:
Some of my travel plans are confirmed, hooray! It's not all fully booked yet but I figure I'll have more time for that after my thesis. Yes, that's what I have to keep telling myself. And, well I guess this is thesis-related but I have finally discovered the difference in the placement of the date of publication within bibliographic entries! If you put the year following the author's name, it's because you're using the reference list style, which is used with parenthetical references. But since I always use the footnote system, the year must follow the publishing company. I have actually cited my sources incorrectly for four years of college - what a great thing to figure out at the end of grad school, eh?

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