mercredi 28 mars 2007

Long waits

I wish Blogger didn't take so long for me to load (I miss Classic Blogger..) but that partly explains why my posts are infrequent. Not only does the sign-in take a while to show up on my screen, the same goes for creating a post. Anyways, this is just a brief blurb so it doesn't appear that I've abandoned my poor little blog ;)

I'm utterly behind on my assignments for school and quite swamped with getting to all those lovely research papers. I'm really tired of them but they're not going away just yet. I've discovered that the more I have to write to conform to a certain professor's standard, the more I dislike writing. I want to have the liberty to write what I would like without worrying that my style format is incorrect or that my particular phrasing is irritating. So it seems ironic that on a place where I have this freedom to write in any which way I'd like - my blog - I don't. Well, I attribute it to a sheer lack of motivation and a discouraging time of the semester.

It's going to be tedious handing in paper after paper without an immediate end in sight; I'm sending up prayers on a minute-by-minute basis at this point! Yes, it's very selfish and it'll be nice when I can revert back to regular prayers :)

* So style formatting. My good old copy of the Turabian notes that the date of the publication should follow the author's name in bibliographic reference. Why do my professors always dock me because they say it follows the publisher? I don't really expect an answer to this; I'm just ranting. Sigh - this is what my mind is occupied with now? I think I need a hobby besides footnoting and citing works!

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