dimanche 31 mai 2009

Bites and vows

Finally, it's starting to feel like spring/summer! Unfortunately, this is usually precipitated by the worst mosquito bite imaginable each year, which often leaves a part of my body hugely swollen, in pain and at times, immovable. So that's what I experienced yesterday when I was chatting with someone in the parking lot for all of five minutes; it's officially the beginning of mosquito attack weather for me now.

Another sign that the seasons are changing is the appearance of weddings. I'll be heading to one in a couple of days and another one in August, so that'll nicely round out my summer. I'm finding that most of friends are married now so that's been helpful on my pocketbook... until they have baby showers, that is :)

And this has been a constant for me for the past four years but I'll be heading back to Quebec again this summer. I'm not sure how much longer this will continue but I appreciate the opportunity to go again. It'll be for a much shorter period this time around which means I can spend the summer at home and get around to the list I made last year!

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