dimanche 4 mai 2008

Wishing and hoping

In continuing the spirit of list-making on this blog, here are my (clichéd) plans and dreams for this summer which thankfully, are a lot less academic than what I had on New Year's Day. So without further ado, this summer, when I'm not working I would like to...
- Read some of the books that I've picked up over the years
- Improve my French
- Learn how to garden
- Cook and bake more
- Finish getting rid of things I don't need (hello church garage sale!)
- Paint my room
- Finish reading the Old Testament history books
- Enjoy some BBC Classics from the public library
- Maybe learn how to drive standard
- Arrange the recipes I've collected into some orderly fashion
- Learn how to hem and sew buttons on, all of those basic skills
- Recycle past schoolwork
- Find black strappy sandals to replace my beloved pair from nine years ago (I've not let go of them just yet)
- Walk around downtown and take in some summer festivals
- Go to the farmer's market (as previously mentioned)
- Eat homemade ice cream with Grandma
- Get pictures developed from the past two years
- Have barbecued/grilled corn on the cob (Yum, I did this in southern California!)
- Soak my feet in a lake in the mountains
- Climb a tree
- Spend as much time as I can with people

Wow, I could go on and on but that might get boring and/or tedious. Of course, this list will mostly be for when I'm in town; I have a completely separate list for when I'm out east :)

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