samedi 4 avril 2009

Rewriting thoughts

I've been spending the past couple of days rereading my graduate thesis from last year. Surprisingly, what brought this on was work and how people other than my advisor actually want to read what I wrote (really?). As a result, I've been going through it to see whether it's coherent and I'm discovering that there are places where I can definitely go back and rework it. The problem is the lack of motivation; do I really want to take the effort to open up this beast again? I am cringing in some sections where I can see that I failed to communicate my ideas as clearly as I could have but am thankful that it doesn't appear too badly. However, I'm only partway through so maybe the worst is to come. I'm not completely proud of this particular thesis (I spent almost a month editing my undergraduate thesis whereas I spent an afternoon on this one) so I should go back and fix it but I don't picture myself having time to do so. One of my friends felt the same way after she submitted her thesis and by the time she started working, I don't know that she did go back to it. Perhaps this can serve as a warning to myself in the future; in the event that people ever do ask about my thesis and want to have a copy, make sure it's something I'm not embarrassed about. Easier said than done :)

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