dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Ma vie... kind of

Admittedly, one of the only times I feel inspired to write something on here is after I have perused someone else's blog... usually an interesting blog that greatly puts me to shame :) I also tend to write something at the very hours I shouldn't, such as right now, since I have to be at church super early in the morning.

Here are a few things that have crossed my mind/life lately:

- I ended up going with the Sauder Oak bookcase. It actually holds a lot so I suppose looks can be deceiving; it also fits into a space that I didn't even have in mind at first but which is much more ideal. I am so thrilled that my books are finally organized!
- My hours at work were extended a few weeks ago; thus, I have an even stranger schedule now. I work sporadic hours which is hard because I love routine and order. Having a consistent life is tricky when some days are so short (maybe 2 hours of work) and others are long and exhausting (sometimes over 12 hours straight).
- I strongly dislike the concept of lunches. Somehow, I'm adverse to eating food that needs to be warmed up or food that is at a bland room temperature taste. This doesn't quite make sense as I do like leftovers from meals that I make but maybe it's just the lunch environment that I've never been fond of or something. I can't explain this one too well.
- I have an even greater dislike (hate?) for Halloween. To me, it seems silly and excessive when adults treat this as the holiday of the year and go nuts over "scary" decorations and costumes or whatever else it is that people do when this is their favourite holiday. I don't get it. The whole giving out candy is a weird practice as well.
- I'm a year older, and the novelty of telling people my age is almost gone. It was always so fun to hear people express surprise at my youth... now I'm just another twenty-something among the masses (wow, what a melodramatic statement!) :)
- To be honest, I am having such a hard time fitting in with my age group at church. Some days I feel like an old lady, especially when people find out that I like the traditional church service as opposed to the contemporary one. Other days I feel like I'm back in high school when it comes to things like relationships, etc. since a lot of my peers are married and/or are parents. It's such a weird age to be at but maybe it's just an identity crisis I'm going through now that I'm not a student?
- Hmm... I better get to bed. This overly cynical-sounding post doesn't sound too fun; rest should help.

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