vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Storage and such

In my unending search for another bookcase/shelving unit, I've come across four potential candidates that are fairly inexpensive. The only requirement I have is that they must be narrower than the average bookcase because of limited space. Here are the choices:

IKEA's EINA bedside table
- It has wheels
- It has clean lines and looks sturdy
- It does not require a wall attachment
- It only has three shelves
- It won't hold too many of my extra books
- It looks like a bedside table, which it is :)

IKEA's FLÄRKE bookcase
- It's an actual bookcase
- Lots and lots of shelves
- I can store more than just books
- It's taller than I'd like
- The wood appears to be very thin
- Dusting the top of the case

Canadian Tire's Sauder Mission Cherry Bookcase
- The colour
- Just the right amount of shelves
- Wider than I'd like
- Uncertain if the price corresponds to the size that I want

Canadian Tire's Sauder Oak Bookcase
- Economical
- Portable
- Shelves are not very deep
- Less storage overall
- Plain appearance; nothing remarkable

Choices, choices! I also checked out Walmart but they don't have much furniture selection. There are probably more options out there but I can't think of other Canadian stores that have websites I could browse through to help me in my decision. Hmmm...

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