dimanche 14 septembre 2008

Still school

Hmm, I'm up much later than I should be. I'm utterly exhausted after an amazing night spent with former classmates and I should be asleep by now but instead, I'm finally catching up on emails/online messages.

A couple of people from my missions classes a few years ago were in town this weekend so we made it a point to all get together and catch up on each others' lives. It was fantastic, and I wish we could do it more often. It's incredible that even after a few years, we are all so tight - practically like a family. Since a lot of my friends are married now, it's refreshing to hang out with people who are still at the same life stage that I'm at.

I didn't realize it until this past month but my social life has really diminished since working in ministry. Whereas I used to spend much more time with other people when I was a student, now it's been reduced to weekends and maybe an evening here and there (I suppose that comes with being done school). I have to admit that when I first started college, I was a bit skeptical of people who mentioned that their college friends were the people who became their dearest friends. For some reason, I didn't think that would happen to me but now that I'm finished school, I can see how true it is since almost of all my social activities consist of being with former classmates.

Another thing that this has brought up for me is the notion that I should still be in school. Although I am completely relieved that I am finished, hearing about my friends who are finishing up their degrees makes me want to undertake another program of study. I know, this is crazy and the feeling may likely pass but I've been thinking of taking a course somewhere. Not sure where yet and in what field but I'm on the lookout for something that'll catch my eye. Of course, this could just be stemming from the fact that it is September :)

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