jeudi 3 avril 2008

A few meanderings

1. I noticed a bus stop Bible study on the train today, which was an unexpected surprise. I had heard about it a couple of months ago but didn't think that we would already have them in Calgary. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more in the coming weeks and to see if they will appear in different formats.

2. After so many years of wanting to get a hymnal for myself (and mentioning it on here), I went to one of the Christian bookstores in town only to discover that they no longer carried them! What a shock! I've checked the other stores' websites but they're not available there either. In fact, the one I'm after can only be found through Amazon in the States and Word Music, which I suppose isn't that bad although the shipping and handling fees might end up doubling the cost of the book.

3. I'm intrigued by farmers' markets, especially since I've yet to go to the Calgary Farmers' Market, Marché Jean-Talon, or Marché Atwater. Wait, I think I've been to the Atwater one but it was in the wintertime. I spent all last summer in Montreal and went near Jean-Talon once or twice but didn't make it to the market somehow; I shall have to correct that this year.

4. So yes, I'm heading back to Montreal again this summer. Surprise, surprise (okay, no one is actually surprised - one of my friends even predicted it weeks before I knew anything myself). I'm excited that I'll get to go back there this summer, and more so in that I'll get to see my friends again. I was thinking of who I could invite to my graduation but most of the names that popped into my head were of those who live far too many provinces away to be able to attend. I guess I'll have to celebrate my graduation over there as well :)

5. I'm thinking of getting a hostelling membership but I haven't decided if I'll end up using it enough before its expiry date. I'm looking into potential European trips but there is still a lot up in the air. Unfortunately, this is taking away from my thesis time; therefore, I need to stop planning and get writing! Oh, the temptations of travel to lure me away from research.

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