jeudi 17 avril 2008

So near and yet so far away

Thesis Thoughts:
I had my very last class in seminary today so I didn't get much work done on my thesis. My plan was to finish half a chapter this evening but I'm still plugging away at the section I was working on yesterday. Tomorrow is technically my last day on my paper! Obviously, my original plan of finishing everything by today so that I could edit it all tomorrow won't work out. But with the time crunch, I'm really hoping that it'll somehow (miraculously) come together quickly - I've been dragging this paper on for quite a while. This might be far too optimistic a post for where I'm at though :)

Non-Thesis Thoughts:
I started purging some of the paperwork that I've accumulated from my time in seminary today only to force myself to stop; it'll be a much sweeter feeling to do that once I'm done writing. I'm excited that in a few days, I'll be able to clean out my desk and room and to face life as a non-student. I have countless binders full of every notebook, handout and assignment I've written or received since junior high - how sad is that?! Along with these school binders, I have boxes and boxes of paper/brochures/articles/etc. from when I worked at church and did youth ministry and tech ministry. It'll just be nice to recycle a lot of the things I'll never use again and to free my life of all this paper clutter. For now, I need to keep writing before I can do any of that!

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