dimanche 13 avril 2008

Sleepy eyes

Thesis Thoughts:
Ouch, I need to eat my words. I thought I was a fairly fast writer having churned out paper after paper this semester (well, for the last six years, really) but I'm just as slow as molasses. One of my friends was working on something that took him hours and I shared my surprise at that; now, I'm at about the same rate. I'm almost finished a chapter - two more pages to go! - but I've spent the entire day on it. The worst news is that the majority of it was already written but I had to tweak nearly all of it to fit my new topic better. So really, I can't gauge how fast I can write. This might be dangerous for the remaining two chapters and the conclusion I have left. I honestly don't know how I'm going to get all that done....

Non-Thesis Thoughts:
I've been listening to a mixture of opera, cabaret songs, and choral music today, meaning I've had quite the fill of English, French, German, and Latin. The music has been quite slow though, perhaps that has affected the speed at which I've been writing? I did get a lot more done when I was listening to an old 90s pop album. Ah-ha, that could be the trick! Anyways, I have church and a wedding shower tomorrow so I won't have any time to work on my paper until the evening. If I'm not feeling too tired, I'll think about staying up late to finally finish a chapter and move on to the other ones - too bad all-nighters are out of the question for me! It's going to be a lovely 22 degrees though, hooray for skirt weather :)

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