dimanche 6 avril 2008

Let's see how far this goes

Thesis Thoughts:
Ugh, I'm not as far along as I'd hoped for for today. I did have two fun revelations this weekend though; the first being that I have already some material I can use and the second being that the Government of Canada has published a lovely analysis series that interprets their census statistics, meaning I don't have to do this myself. Now if only I could just get to some actual writing! I went through most of the government's documents that pertain to my paper topic last night only to get distracted by the final Flames game against the Canucks. It's one of the few times that I've been able to enjoy some hockey all semester, which is silly since this is the busiest time ever right now.

Non-Thesis Thoughts:
Church was absolutely wonderful this morning; it is always such a joy to hear a solid message straight from the Bible. I love that our pastor does expository preaching and even though we're in the middle of a topical series right now, it is still just as amazing since it's completely grounded in Scripture. It was such a blessing to hear Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus by our choir and orchestra as well (and to stand up for it). I greatly appreciate how much goes into the worship and the teaching each week as it fills me up anew and definitely sets my week aright. As for the rest of this Sabbath day, I'm going to rest a little bit and maybe finish reading some articles for my paper. I hope to get back at it first thing tomorrow and to have a more productive week (as in having pages written). There is the temptation for me to miss Bible study so that I can get more work done but I haven't fully decided if I will skip it or not. Missing church is something I would not allow myself to do under any circumstances but apparently, I don't feel quite that strongly about Bible study. I guess I'll see how much I write tomorrow and if I'm "in the zone", then I won't go, although we will be studying one of my favourite epistles....

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