mercredi 2 avril 2008

At a standstill

I feel like I have nothing to write at this point, which is not particularly helpful for my research project. I was telling one of my friends who is studying in a different province this semester that I am completely numb. I've spent the past year thinking about my topic and discussing it with people, but it hasn't resulted in anything. She mentioned that she was going through the same thing and that she couldn't get the thoughts in her head out onto paper either. I'm wondering if this is a ghastly symptom for the end of the semester in that our brains just cannot connect with our fingers due to stress. I'm finding lots of helpful material in the research I've accumulated over the year but I can't seem to put anything together. So technically, I am still on page 0 of my thesis.

It's a miserable feeling really. I know where I want to go with my arguments but I'm having the most difficult time even starting. If this is what writer's block feels like, I'll be content to not have to write anything for the next year. I was looking at what I wrote in the last post, and while I do want this to be an edifying project, I'm not too motivated to aspire for that anymore. I guess all this to say that my thesis is making me incredibly grumpy. I wish I had another semester to work on this but since I only have less than two weeks, I should do something so that I can get over this frustrating mood. I'm sad that this makes me not such a pleasant person to be around; perhaps that's good for being a hermit in the next few weeks?

(This less-than-exciting post is brought to you by procrastination, panic, lack of creativity, and an unhealthy dose of desperation).

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