vendredi 4 avril 2008

Almost daily log

I think for the remainder of the two weeks that I have left to write my thesis that I will refrain from using Facebook. It's become very time-consuming trying to keep up with the wall posts and I've been declining so many event invitations over the past month that I don't think I'll be missing anything if I ignore it for a while. I'll probably use my blog to post a few thoughts about how my research project is going but that'll be it for now.

Thesis Thoughts:
As of today, I have come to the conclusion that I am over-expending my efforts on things that aren't that helpful for my paper. I spent a couple of days last week going through five books and trying to find useful information from them, leaving me with 18 pages of notes. I don't think I'll even use all of these notes, plus I have another 60 books to go through. I guess I'll have to scrap my idea of going through each text carefully; it's not the best use of my time! Also, I've compiled a bibliography that is 19 pages and counting but again, that means I have to go through them all! It's unfortunate that I can hunt down that many sources yet not do anything with them. I think the best thing for me to do at this point is just to start writing and to worry about the sources later.

Non-Thesis Thoughts:
I took a break from my thesis last night and watched Holmes on Homes with my parents. I don't often watch TV anymore with the exception of Masterpiece (yay for Jane Austen!) and the news, but it was fun to catch something on HGTV. Ever since they stopped airing my favourite shows (Mission: Organization, Neat, and Small Space, Big Style), I haven't tuned in as much but last night's episode of HoH was reminiscent of these organization shows. It was horrifying to see how much junk this couple had accumulated and my mom became so disgusted at it that I convinced her to go through the house from top to bottom with me this summer, throwing out/donating everything we don't need. I have seriously been waiting all year to do this - I guess if I can finish my paper early, my reward will be to start cleaning earlier :)

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