jeudi 24 mai 2007

I'll be working on my thesis

...all the live long day.

I had an amazing lunch a few days ago with one of my good friends and we decided to form a thesis club when the school year starts! Cheesy name but maybe we'll come up with something a bit catchier later. Thesis-writing can be a lonely experience, not to mention extremely undisciplined so I'm hoping that we can hold each other accountable as we tackle our papers this year :) We're hoping to read either Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day or Complete Your Dissertation or Thesis in Two Semesters or Less to get some tips and strategies. Note the emphasis on efficiency rather than on effectiveness of argument - we're both afraid of what will happen if we miss our deadlines.

Also, my classes are finally sorted out! I don't have to take any courses from other institutions (pending one that will be offered on my school's campus from a different seminary) or go through distance ed. The majority of my work during the first semester will be off-campus with a return to the classroom during the second. What a blessing that I don't have to stress about this anymore! It took a long, long meeting with the dean to work through my program requirements but now I'm one step closer to graduating, yes! If I can just survive my spring course and my summer internship, then all will be well (until the next adventuresome year, that is).

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