lundi 4 d├ęcembre 2006

How they met

I came across Christine's blog a few months ago through some other Christian website and saw that she had some really good posts on gender relations and such. Well, I just surfed back onto her blog and found out that she is engaged! I read a bit into their story of how it happened and it is neat to see how God uses the most creative methods in getting people together.

One of my friends told me that she first met her husband when he literally showed up on her front doorstop - they got married a year later to the day. Another friend met his wife when he moved to a different city as a missionary and his best friend who also moved with him is now dating one of his wife's friends. One of my other friends met her husband through children's ministry at church. And from what I've heard, lots of people at my college met through the vortex known as choir. I admit that I'm a sucker for these fun stories but in addition to that, I love hearing about God's hand in all of these lives. In a culture that's saturated with unhealthy relationships and flawed dating principles, it is lovely to come across people who have put Christ at the centre of their lives and who have trusted Him with their marriage partners. I look forward to hearing even more of these wonderful stories from others.

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