vendredi 1 septembre 2006

Weblog, web log, we blog

Boundless has a couple of articles this week on blogging and has started its own blog. The following are some statements that really stuck out to me and have challenged me to take a different perspective of my blog:

...If you're going to write a blog, write about something that matters. Unless you don't expect anyone to read what you're saying, ask yourself if what you're writing will serve your readers in any way. It might be funny or serious, your own reflections or thoughts from others. Your blog might simply point to resources, books, or music that has encouraged you. But the content should in some meaningful way bring glory to God.

...It never seems very sinful when we're writing from our heart, striking a few keys and, pushing "post." No one's there to give us feedback and we're just happy we said what we wanted to say. That's why Christian bloggers need a generous dose of humility. The nature of blogging implies that I think I have something worth saying. That's misleading. The ability to post my thoughts on the Internet is no guarantee that I have any idea what I'm talking about.

- Blogging to Worship God
Or, as Carolyn McCulley says on Blog Responsibly: "Just because you can hit publish, doesn't mean you should."

In a world of exponentially increasing information and news, not to mention blogs, it's obvious that words can lose their meaning and become frivolous. I can relate to the whole writing-anything-for-the-sake-of-writing-something dilemma and I know I've used it a lot on here, but I don't want to do that anymore. I want my words to be edifying no matter what my post is about, whether it's an update on my life or links to other things. I want my words to be Christ-honouring and Christ-centered and I've noticed that I'm slipping away from my original purpose. So, I'm not sure what this means for me but it's best to end it here than to babble on.... :)

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