vendredi 4 août 2006

GAP Test

In looking for some research material, I came across my GAP Test (Global Awareness Profile) from my first year of college. It's basically a test that measures how much you know about the world. Of course, I had to take it again and see if I improved in any way at all. I switched majors halfway through college from youth ministry to missions, so I was really hoping that I had picked up a few things... and I did!

When I first took this test 3 1/2 years ago, this was how I ranked in regional geographic areas from best to worst: 1) Asia; 2) North America; 3) South America; Middle East; 4) Africa; 5) Europe

And these were my results for subject areas, best to worst again: 1) Religion; 2) Environment; 3) Politics, Socioeconomics, Culture; 4) Geography

This time around, a few of my rankings changed and I jumped in my overall score almost twenty percent! My best geographic areas and context areas are now: 1) North America; 2) Asia, Middle East; 3) Europe, Africa; 4) South America and 1) Religion; 2) Environment, Culture; 3) Geography; 4) Socioeconomics; 5) Politics

I'm really surprised about my Middle East score, which I would probably chalk up to my friend Jo's influence. I think I guessed a lot for geography, so I'm pretty happy that I improved there. The only category that I did not do better in was South America, which makes sense as I don't really pay attention to it. But hooray, I'm a bit more globally aware than I was a few years ago :)

Sigh, who knew tables would make such a fuss on here?!

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