lundi 31 juillet 2006

Thirty questions

In between working on my assignments, I was interviewed by Mikao Walters for the third installment of her Random Interview Project. Here are interviews #1, #2, and #3. It's been fun to see my responses from over the years on her blog.

I'm still tackling my papers which explains why it's pretty much all I talk about on here. Ah, the unending adventures of a student blogger :) Thankfully, I've been involved with some kid's ministry this summer which makes for a nice change. We've been going through an excellent curriculum and yesterday, the kids learned about church planting! I never thought I would help out with children's ministry again but I think God knew I needed it for when I'd be stressed out with school.

(Haha, I accidently spelled something in French on here. Maybe there's been more of an effect than I thought!)

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