mardi 18 juillet 2006

Take a stand

Over the past week, I have been slaving away over a paper that pretty much counts entirely for a course, along with the raw notes and data cards that are supposed to help me write the paper. I just finished the introduction yesterday (after a week!) and am finally getting into the thesis. I'm excited to finish this assignment and to send it off so that I can get back to completing my other course. I'm on a really tight schedule to finish each task but this one has been dragging on for so long now and I'm getting behind.

I guess the greatest difficulty for me is that I need to spend almost all of my waking time typing on the computer. I hate this because a) all I do is sit and b) I can't be active at the same time I'm writing. My legs hurt and I feel so sloth-like. It's definitely contributing to my out-of-shapeness. I take occasional breaks but I had no idea that sitting down at a desk every single day could take such a toll on the body. I used to think I could handle this (being an administrative assistant however requires a bit of movement which I appreciate) but I'm slowly changing my mind. Oh to be out of my chair!

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