vendredi 24 mars 2006

New lungs please

After today, I think I have endured enough second-hand smoking to make up for all those years I missed in Calgary where I had nice, normal, breathing air. It was so gross to be in an establishment today where everyone was lighting up and the air became one big visible haze of noxious chemicals. It has been hours since I left and my nostrils are still stinging and I can smell its putrid lingering odour. Originally, I thought I would have been able to enjoy the benefits of Quebec's new smoking laws but it turns out that it won't happen until May 31, 2006.

I used to complain about the odd person here and there smoking on a C-Train platform (where it is prohibited) but now, it will be nice to go back and realize that it is only one person compared to the dozens (hundreds depending on where you are) that are causing the air to become putrid and poisonous to everyone surrounding them. In all my years of transit, I've never seen anyone puff up on a bus until now! Yes, I will go home with a new appreciation for my city and the air. It's ironic that I was at an event to raise money to fight a disease and that I'm now worried that I might get a disease from being there. Did you know that, "Over 300 nonsmokers die each year in Canada from lung cancer caused by tobacco smoke?" (Source) I guess I have been naïve here; when I go to certain events (like all-age concerts) I don't expect that people will smoke as if it's their oxygen (ha!) but they do and I'm stuck with it. Everything is like a smoker's convention.

I don't complain too much but when it affects my health and my respiratory system feels like it's going to die, I'm sure I can rant about it on here. I think I need a set of new lungs so I can start over from today. The worst parts are how much the smell gets into your clothing and you have to wash it all thoroughly to get it out and how your throat is killing you because you could pretty much taste all that smoke. Second-hand is not as innocuous as some people think - and if you still think that, spend a few hours at some function in Montréal where practically everyone is smoking - it'll be like you're inside a cigarette.

*I do not mean to sound rude about Montréal as I'm not trying to be at all, but the truth is they need to majorly cut down on smoking. I've been reaping the benefits of an almost smoke-free city, only to regress and suffer the downfalls by being in what seems like the smoking capital of Canada.

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