vendredi 6 mai 2005

Just in time!

The Quebec government will ban cigarettes in bars, restaurants and school yards starting in January 2006, The Canadian Press has learned. (more)

I remember when my friend and I went into a diner in Montréal, and it was completely smoke-filled. It was pretty irritating, and only when my friend went to the washroom did she notice that the back part of the diner was a non-smoking section. Thing is, you had to go through the smoking part to get to non-smoking, and even then the air was the same. Really, there was no point in having non-smoking in the first place. At the time, I was wondering how I was going to fare with second-hand smoke when I would have to move to Montréal, but now this new legislation will be taking place at the same time I will be over there. I just love God's timing :)

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