dimanche 25 septembre 2005

Veils, linens, and cakes - oh my!

I was right that I'd have a funny story from the Bridal Expo. Not only were there swarms of women everywhere, we were also selectively targeted by the exhibitors. Never before have I felt like a sticker (or lack thereof) could define me. You see, engaged women were required to wear a "Bride to Be" sticker on themselves (bright pink hearts no less!) which would get them the attention of every promoter there. So not only did they get samples and free stuff, they also got accosted by pushy salespeople hoping to sell some wedding-related thing. And it ended up being that non-stickered people were virtually ignored by everyone. But it seems that most of the vendors didn't think of the fact that some of the women there were bridesmaids, etc. who would be future brides, aka their target audience. So their ignoring us and pretending we weren't there didn't help them. I even overheard some of them say things like, "There, make sure you get her," upon seeing the heart stickers while my friend and I were standing right in front of them. Oh well, the companies that were nice to us get extra points that could one day be redeemable :)

Anyways, my story has to do with randomly flipping through a bridal guide that was given to my friend which was a journal where you could record every single detail of the wedding. It also included tips, articles, quotes, and advertisements. I was going through the photography/videography section when I came across an ad for a photography studio. And lo and behold, the groom in the main picture of that ad was a former classmate of mine! So, if anyone wants to see the Student Union president from two years ago and his lovely bride, get yourself a Calgary bridal guide. Now I just need to run into him and let him know I saw one of his wedding pictures (unless he already knows he's famous and then it won't be fun).

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