samedi 24 septembre 2005

It's a wedding show

I just noticed that is now streamlined with And apparently, there are as many people visiting my blog from Norway as there are from Canada, which is really cool.

Well, I start my first class next week and I have some preassignments I need to finish by then. Just a few hundred pages of reading to go! I don't mind too much because these are awesome books on cultural anthropology and Christian missiology, so I feel like I have a good excuse to finally delve into them. I only wish that I had more time to devote to this assignment, but seeing as how my weekend is jam-packed it might be hard.

A quick run-down of my weekend: Work, film festival, work, church, and a bridal expo with my friend (homework thrown somewhere in there). I've never been to a bridal expo before, so I'm curious about how much crinoline and flowers I'll face. I'm excited about being a bridesmaid but it's unknown territory for me. Thankfully, my friend is a complete non-bridezilla (haha, I love hearing those horror stories) who is wonderful to work with. Add to the fact that she's pretty much finished all of the big tasks that have to be done! We'll mostly be scouting for last-minute ideas and just having a good time. I'm hoping that I'll have some funny stories to share after that :)

On a more serious note, one of my friends just moved to Houston yesterday. In the midst of traffic gridlock and lack of gas, he has moved to a city that has been evacuated. He's a stormchaser but no doubt, we're nervous for him. Prayers would be so appreciated.

*Update: Phew, my friend never made it past the border. Thank you people who work in places that have the authority to keep a stormchaser from going into hurricanes.

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