vendredi 29 juillet 2005

Summer days

That title just reminds me of how much I dislike the movie, Grease :)

So I've decided to take a self-imposed vacation next week. Albeit, it won't be much of a vacation because the only thing I will allow myself to do is to start and finish writing my thesis paper. I have about 90% of the research, now it's time to sit down and actually write! I never knew I had such freedom at work until I sat at my desk and wondered how I could make my long weekend just a little bit longer. Ta-da! I feel so close to graduating college at this point!

I've also discovered that it's administrative assistant jargon to say "phone tag". It's so cheesy but it seems that all admin assistants have this in their vocabulary. Oh yeah, that's my new quasi-title at work now. I actually have a description!

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