mercredi 15 juin 2005

Happily running about

I had a great day today. It's not everyday that when you walk into church you get hugs from the staff. Or run into the one person you did not expect to see and have a wonderful afternoon with them, and on top of that, have them show you their blog.

Since I won't be starting work until next month, I haven't had a regular schedule lately. Right now, my schedule means sleeping in until the afternoons and lazing about the house, finding little and usually trivial things to do. Obviously, not very productive (but nice - I'm not complaining!). However, I've been doing a bit more this week. I had three meetings at church today, so it gave me a chance to talk to nearly everyone that I ran into. And as much as I'll be sad about some people leaving, I am thrilled that so many familiar faces are still there. That's what I need to focus on; that's what will be exciting.

And along with my summer mentality, I figured that I might as well stop by the school and take out some books for my impending paper. That's when I ran into the aforementioned blogger and had a chat about templates and stuff. Finally, someone who understands! So, do check out my friend Mara's site. I had the blessing of meeting her this year in Greek class, and without her I would not have survived it. She's a great conversationalist, a fantastic Greek buddy, and a fellow "I actually care about my grammar and grades!" student. She also comes up with the best one-liners :)

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