mercredi 8 juin 2005

Future plans

I'm trying to prepare myself for when I will be moving to Montreal in January 2006. Right now, I'm reading a little bit about the city and the proposed demerger that will be taking place at the start of next year. It's interesting that the place I stayed at last week will have a name change in just half a year. (Montreal in 2001, Montreal in 2006)

I am going to have such a packed summer with work, my thesis, sorting my stuff and learning how to cook. I'm going to need to get this book: Your Shirt is Not an Oven Mitt! I don't have any recipe books and I am severely lacking in basic kitchen skills. I'm so glad that I learned how to make b├ęschamel sauce in Montreal a few days ago and I'm going start reading the Montreal Food Guide to help me with more.

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