dimanche 24 avril 2005

Random links

Cleaning out my favourites/bookmarks again. Here are some things I found, with most of the sources unknown or forgotten; if it was you, let me know:

- How NOT to Pray! (I think this was from DYL)
- Being "Left Behind" College-Aged but Still Local
- Page Unavoidably Detained
- Canadian Joe-ks, eh!
- Funny blurb on Christian emo music
- What Would You Die For?
- The 20 Wisest Things Our Mothers Taught Us
- You Know You're From Alberta When...
- Scholarship Wars
- Canadians are Mad for Maple!
- The Revealer: Christianity
- The Bible in 50 Words
- University of Calgary offering a "Stampede 101" course
- Library features books that have yet to be written
- Lord of the Ring of Fire (I think this was from Tina)
- Home Sweet Home Calgary
- Ah, America (I think this was from Bene)
- Googlism
- Need God?
- Math Jokes
- The Advertising Slogan Generator
- The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator
- The Ballad of a Bible Corrector
- The Blogger Code
- The Human Clock (I think this was from mikao)
- Table of Condiments
- Build Your Own Comics Page
- Bart Writes on the Blackboard
- DaisyPath Announcements
- Visited Countries Map

More to come.

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