jeudi 9 septembre 2004

Skill olympics

I just found out my friend is going to be in World Skills 2005 Helsinki (cue dramatic music) which I guess is like the Olympics, except without the athletics. Rather, there are categories for skills such as web design, joinery, beauty therapy, robotics or bricklaying in which people can compete (he'll be doing something in the tech world). I've never heard of this before, so I had to look it up and figure out what it was. Funny thing is that there was an article about how my city won the bid for World Skills 2009 but I don't think too many people know that. Granted, it's in five years but to have some international honour like that is cool. First, the Winter Olympics, next the World Skills Competition, then the world! Okay slight exaggeration but it'll be exciting to hear more about it in coming years.

Update: My friend actually ended up in the top twenty in the world, in fourth place for the most points! He also got silver for his category. How awesome is that :)

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