vendredi 12 mars 2004

Since I'm up...

The Friday Five, in addition to some onion-peeling. Really, too much information for one night. But tomorrow, I'll be spending the entire day working on an integrated project so if this isn't frequent posting, I don't know what is!

1. What was the last song you heard? "Someday" by Starfield

2. What were the last two movies you saw? "The Importance of Being Earnest" and "The Passion of the Christ"

3. What were the last three things you purchased? Unfortunately, this list makes me look like a total pig but it's because I didn't pack any lunches this week: Mandarin Chicken Salad from Wendy's, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and Biggie Fries from Wendy's, and a Value Combo from Harvey's. These were spread over a few days, although that's no excuse for all this fast food.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend? Read, read, read, read. I guess that doesn't count. Okay, read, homework, life group, church.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to? My prof, his son, Mel, Trev, and my mom.

Apologies for writing this much about yours truly. I had no idea I could do so. That's not a good thing. Expect the next few posts to be about everything else but myself :)

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