dimanche 14 mars 2004

Oot and aboot

Huh, I just woke up after falling asleep in the middle of reading something that "has terrified and chilled readers since its first publication in 1818." Hmm, not really, not yet anyways.

I am extremely behind this semester and I've really dropped the ball on everything. I'm unsuccessfully juggling six classes, yearbook, youth work, video stuff and taking care of my mom. Since she's come home from the hospital, I've been no help at all. I've been attempting to catch up with all of my assignments instead of being with her, and I feel horrible. I'm just hoping that this weekend, I can work on my assignments and be done with them finally.

I have great news though. Due to my constant busyness in the last few months, I haven't spent any time reading the Bible at all. Well, that's probably one reason why I've felt so stagnant lately, but I'm back into reading and studying it now. It's strange that when you're not reading it, you can actually experience a withdrawal.

And the thing that I'm not happy about is that even though I'm taking twelve classes this year, none of them are Bible or theology courses. My favourite class to this day was the course I took on the intensive study of the Gospel of John, which makes me want to go see this even more since the script is based word-for-word from the Good News Bible. At least I won't have to worry about any mystical interpretations added in ;)

I do have to say that even if Jesus did not have a British accent, it'll be fun to hear it here. British accents are wonderful. Haven't heard it coming from the Saviour, but there's a first for everything. It'll certainly sound a lot more glamorous than the Canadian accent right?

[Listening to: Just One More Thing - Sara Groves - All Right Here (03:36)]

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