mardi 2 mars 2004

Life part two

Today was a long day. I ended up skipping classes, a dentist appointment and a chiropractor appointment to be with my mom at the hospital. Ha, it was a long day because I ended up memorizing the layout of the wing in no time. I needed to be there, letting her know that I was praying for her and that I love her. Her operation took a few hours, more than was expected, and her recovery time seemed that long as well. I'll be doing my best to visit her everyday she's there, but it'll be tough on Thursday when I have classes all day. For the first time at college, I have not handed something in on its due date, but really at this point, it's the least of my worries. We later found out from the doctor that the radiation did not completely get rid of my mom's cancer, so the surgeons had to remove more from her body during the operation. This means that my mom will have to adjust to a new way of life now, and my dad and I will have to help her. By the way, my parents just celebrated their 28th anniversary last week :) I really saw sacrificial love in action today just watching my dad interacting with my mom. It was so selfless and... I'm thankful that my parents are such a wonderful example of marriage and faithful commitment for me. Praise God for that.

[Listening to: Be Glorified - Charlie Hall - Passion: Better Is One Day (05:30)]

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