samedi 7 février 2004

Excellent movies

My w.bloggar has not been working, but Travis has been having the exact same problem, so I know it's not just me (phew, couldn't figure out what that 'required white space' was).

Lissa and I just rented "I Capture the Castle". It is one of my absolute favourite movies now! There's only one scene that's a bit, umm, well needed to be blurred or hidden better, but it did fit in with the story. But wonderful movie, oh, and in such a beautiful setting! And the awesome thing is that the person who played Stephen Colley in the movie is also going to be in "Tristan and Isolde".

Right now, I'm watching "Quo Vadis?" and I know I'll need to get a copy of it someday soon.

On being told the Christians are being blamed for the burning of Rome
Vinicius: The people won't believe such a lie!
Petronius: People will believe any lie, if it is fantastic enough.

Such great stuff. Speaking of movies, I read this article yesterday and I find it incredibly sad. It's disturbing that the director thinks the ring is "...obviously a metaphor for the machines, the factories, that enslave you, that take away your free will." How in the world do you come at that?! Well I guess if you don't believe in the concept of sin, you can't recognize it.

Unfortunately, I'm watching all this at the expense of my homework. And my Sundays are always busy with church... another late night? You can bet on it. I have an exam, a midterm, an annotated bibliography, a book report, a core values paper and a net assignment all for this week. Just a few more weeks until Reading Week. I'm living for that right now.

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