mardi 3 février 2004

Big, fat, and bothersome

May I cheat? I guess not since I'm a Christian. But I posted a "Day in the Life" kind of thing a few weeks ago. I guess I read Darren's mind a bit early :) But that's only one half of the entry. Here's the other...

A Day in the Life of a Cumbersome and Tedious Backpack

I sit on the floor all night, still as a rock. I silently wait for my owner to finally wake up and get her act together to get ready for school. Usually, I'm packed the night before with all the books that are needed in me for the next day. Sometimes, my owner is a little forgetful and has to jam me full of her heavy textbooks in the morning instead. I can never tell. But I am always obedient to her wishes and her timing becomes my timing. I'm usually frustrated that she has a tendency for tardiness though. The nerve of some people.

Then begins my day. As I travel out of my warm, comfortable home, I am suddenly hit with a strong gush of wind and a biting sense of the cold. Canada, freezing I say, absolutely freezing! If it's snowing, I soak through but not today. Nope, I had an uneventful trip to the bus stop. I have not yet annoyed people with my presence but you just wait and see what I can do. I sit on my owner's lap throughout the bus ride and when we get off, my impact starts to grow.

Missing the first train (I told you, my owner is always late), I am forced to stand in the cold and wait some more. It comes shortly thereafter and my awkward and bulky size soon gets noticed. There's not much room on the train and so I'm forced to find my own space or be shoved in. Usually it's the latter. People don't seem to appreciate me. I have no idea why, I'm simply bearing the burdens of college books. That is my job and yet I'm resented for it. My owner shifts continuously to accomodate more room for other people but they glare at her and utter under their breath. And rather than blaming me, they blame her! Now she may have time problems, but she is my owner - it's no fault of her own that I am so big. I just eat a lot, books that is.

Now this morning was just cruel to me. After many delays and problems with transit, we were late (rather, she was) and I was forced to rush through the school. Yes, I will admit that I am slightly, fat, but I do hate that I weigh down so much on my owner's back. And sadly so, I am treated as an inconvenience sometimes, even from her. If only professors understood what I go through day in and day out!

Evening has come. My owner is addicted to me and feels the need to carry me everywhere, even if I am causing her pain. It intensifies even more when I am filled with new library books and I grow bigger. Sometimes, she shakes her head and asks why I am so heavy. "Even when there's nothing in you, you weigh like bricks. What is wrong with your weight distribution? Are you getting a little tubby in the middle?" Such rude questions! I'll keep that information private, thank you very much. Her gall offends me and so I resolve to become bigger, fatter, and more bothersome everytime she uses me. Of course, she has apologized a few times, but nothing can change my shape and size. I fear I am doomed to live this life for the next few years. May graduation come swiftly!

P.S. I am meanest when it comes to cars. I make it hard for my owner to get in and out. She hates that. Be nice to her; I'm trying to spur some repentance in her :)