mercredi 7 janvier 2004

What will it take?

On the suggestion of Tracy, I think I will get !HERO for my kids to listen to. It's a rock opera about what would have happened if the Messiah had been born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania today rather than in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Sounds like it'll be good.

I keep forgetting to update people on how my mom is doing. Well, she's doing a lot better. She still has some side effects that come with chemo, but her tumour has shrunk! Her treatments end this week and with a few appointments next month, she'll be able to go for surgery in March to get rid of the cancer completely. Praise God that the cancer is going away! My parents still have hardened hearts towards God, and this situation hasn't brought them any closer, so I worry more and more each day about them. It's not the cancer that is scaring me, it's that my parents keep rejecting God, even in the face of cancer. I worry immensely that something even more horrible will have to happen before my parents start to accept God.

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