vendredi 30 janvier 2004

Change of heart

Could it be? Could God be calling me to stay at my college? I know I've complained before on my blog about problems I've had with school, and that at one point, I wanted nothing more than to escape it. Yet after a conversation with Lissa, I may have changed my mind. She's been having some issues lately at work, and she said something that's stuck in my mind since then. This is a paraphrase of it:

"Leaving won't do any good for anyone else that's there. I want things to get better but that won't happen if I desert my work. I need to stay and be an agent of change."

Something like that :) But I have this gnawing feeling that maybe staying at Bible college wouldn't be so bad. And it would take me one less year to finish school if I decide to remain there continuously. But once again I'm faced with a dilemma: I applied for a different program elsewhere in November. It all comes down to whether I'm accepted into it or not. Ugh, I don't like how I'm always getting myself into pickles. I think I want one thing, but then it turns out to be something that might not be what God wants. I'm not too brilliant at understanding God's will... but I know He's teaching me.

*Kind of related: Check out Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style (link via Melissa). You know, my favourite production will always be when my college performed "The Grinch Who Stole Charlie Brown's Christmas."

[Listening to: The Western Wall - Seven Places - Lonely for the Last Time (03:38)]

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