dimanche 14 d├ęcembre 2003

Santa and bookmarks

I try not to promote Santa too much, because after all, it is CHRISTmas, but this is pretty funny:

Santa's Nice-o-Meter

It was a tough year, but we'll go for a "Nice" rating. A few naughty marks for excessive junk food, not going to bed on time and nearly forgetting someone's birthday. Really tried to keep up with household chores, though. Extra credit for smiling a lot. Is kind to senior citizens. Keep improving!

That's scary cause most of it is true. Hmmm, is someone watching me?

Link via: Melissa


It took a few hours but I cleaned out all of my blog bookmarks last night. In total though, I have 16 categories with 45 subcategories, 11 sub-sub categories, 13 sub cubed categories, and 2 sub to the power of four categories in my complete bookmark collection. I reckon that will take a few days to sort out completely :)

Because I bookmark a lot of stuff, I have lost where all of my original sources came from. I'm going to be posting some stuff over the next few days, but they won't have the source to them. Believe me, I like giving credit where credit is due so if I post something and you suspect that it came from your blog, leave me a comment and I'll link you right away! All this referencing and footnoting comes from too much college research. I even memorized how to do them correctly for my papers. Ahh!!

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