samedi 6 d├ęcembre 2003

Much to say - part 2

Some more stuff I didn't cover in my last post.

Let's see... I received an email from Starfield about their CrossCanada tour. It's the biggest tour in the band's history and it's hitting even more Canadian cities! It's kind of their farewell tour to us as well before they do extensive US touring. So Americans, be on the watch for this up and coming group and go to their shows!! I'll make a list in my side column about what cities they're hitting and when.

Speaking of concerts, I worked at my school's Christmas concert a few nights ago. Loads of fun and it was great because I got to sit in the "Green Room". Oooh. And I had my last day of classes yesterday! Now I only have four finals (and one that won't affect my mark if I do badly but will boost it if I do very well). My mom went through her first week of radiation and chemo and now has four weeks left to go. I'll be even more stressed this week because of that but it'll get better once I'm out of school. She's still really weak but she did not have a major reaction against the chemo, which was a good sign (a reaction to the side effects of the chemo I mean). Thanks for praying everyone!

Man, I wish I had the discipline that Travis has. I can't believe he taught himself all those computer and networking skills that got him a job! Well I guess it's not that hard to believe :) It sure does encourage me to get off my behind and learn some new skills though! I mean, I got my guitar a few months ago and still have not learned to play it. Currently, it sits in my room nicely next to my bookcase, making itself secure in its little home. Eh, maybe over Christmas break, I'll actually sit down with it and pretend to play it.

I also want to learn more CSS and HTML stuff so that I can make this blog look the way I want it to look like. I just want the little "Done, but with errors on page" message to go away. I don't know what I did to get that comment but really, I'll do whatever it takes for it to leave! Just make it go away....

[Listening to: Sugarcoat It - dc Talk - Intermission: The Greatest Hits (03:46)]

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