mercredi 3 d├ęcembre 2003

It's December??

Is it possible to be sick of Christmas music already?! Seriously, 24/7 holiday music on the radio is great a week before Christmas but an entire month? If I hear Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas" one more time, I will lose my mind!

I spent seven hours today working on yearbook. Not doing pages, mind you, but getting absolutely everything ready to go so that the yearbook can be finished by the end of January. Thank goodness my committee is actually committed this year!

Scott wrote a really good post on changing our minds and habits during December. I was challenged and I think as hard as it will be to carry out, it will be worth it in the end.

A lot of people who have been stopping by my blog lately have been looking for information on the McDeal of the Day. Here's the link to the post I wrote about that so you don't have to go searching all over: McDonald's Daily McDeal.

I ran into one of my friends today and asked her what was new. Usually, when people respond to that, it's in the form of "oh nothing" or "not much, just life". Nope not with my friend, she answered, "I'm getting married!" Uh... okay. That took me by shock (considering it only happened in the course of a few weeks)! Although I have to say I'm not surprised anymore. I'm getting desensitized to the whole bridal college concept now (even if she was an exception).

Well, here's a snipet of what I'll be working on on Thursday:
"Joy, Joy" - 1 solo - IMAG - 3/4 lights on C/O, full up on choir entrance
"Joy!" - 1 solo - IMAG/juice - Full lights on Choir and Orch
"Little Drummer Boy" - Juice - Full lights on Choir and Orch
"O Little Town of Bethlehem" - PPT - 3/4 lights on C/O

Doesn't that look fun? ;)

Anyways, my mom went in for her first treatment today. It was an eight hour day for her. I'm praying that her cancer will stop growing and that the tumour will shrink so that she can have surgery. It's been rough on me lately, especially since I'm taking her to and from all her treatment sessions. I really want to finish this semester well and have Christmas break come. I'll be spending a lot of time at the hospital in the next few months. If you know of some must-read books, let me know so that I'll have something to read as I wait there. Please keep praying for us and for my parents' hearts to be softened to the love of God. Thank you.

"God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer." - John Wesley

[Listening to: God of Wonders - Cliff Young; Danielle Young; Marc Powell - City on a Hill: Songs of Worship and Praise (05:09)]

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