mercredi 3 février 2010

Comment confusion

I'm none too pleased to read that Haloscan is going defunct and is requiring its users to pay $12/year for its replacement commenting system, so it looks like I will lose 1087 archived comments (although I've exported my comments, it appears I've also lost everything from between 2003-2006). It's unfortunate that nothing at this point exists to allow for a transfer of comments between Echo and Blogger, so I suppose my archives are now glaringly incomplete. I could manually enter the comments from 2006-2009 back into Blogger but in the grand scheme of things in life, I don't want to make the time for that.

As a result, I am immediately switching over to Blogger comments - which I should have done a few years ago when it was made available - and will remove Echo before the end of the month. In the very unlikely case that anyone will comment on here, please use the second commenting system instead. I'm sad that I'll lose this key part of interaction on my blog, especially one that has been with me for almost seven years but at least I'm hopeful that Blogger won't do the same thing to its users. The funny thing is that I've barely had internet access for the past month and just when I finally get it back, I have to receive news like this. Well, I suppose it is one way for me to write something on here! Another way of looking at it is that since I've already lost the comments from 2003-2006, losing the ones from 2006-2009 shouldn't be a big deal, right?

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