dimanche 3 janvier 2010


So the first unnamed decade of the 2000s has passed and now we head into another one (would it be called the "10s" or the "2010s"?). I'm excited for what will come this year and a little nervous that I won't end up doing as much as I will want to. While I am forming a list of goals in my mind, I hesitate to voice them just yet as I don't want them to be mere resolutions that I'll quickly give up weeks into it.

I also want to keep it a small list so that I won't feel too intimidated as the year goes by. Last year, I had too many goals and the only ones I followed through on were reading a hundred books and being in the Bible on a daily basis. I'm still doing the daily Bible reading plan but I've picked a less intensive one for 2010 which I think will give me a bit of time to do more in-depth Bible studies/reading. I think that is one thing that I wasn't able to accomplish last year; while I may have read the Bible everyday, I didn't take enough time to meditate on it. My hope is that this year, I'll still have my daily reading but that I'll also take the time to really dive into the Word.

Another reason for my hesitation in making goals this year is that I have no idea what's ahead of me - personally and professionally. This year feels so undefinable whereas last year, I knew that it was the first year of guaranteed full-time work following seminary. I feel like I'm swimming in waters out of my depth... exhilarating at first but worrisome now. However, I know I shouldn't worry about tomorrow so perhaps this will be my first step in 2010 :)

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