lundi 19 octobre 2009


Silly me - I haven't checked this blog for months and lo and behold, my images have disappeared. I'm sad to say that it took me a bit of time to retrieve them too as I didn't save any of them to my computer in the first place. Oh well, lesson learnt; my blog looked far worse when I first started out (Wayback Machine can be a scary tool - I definitely cringe when I see how messed up my HTML was in the beginning!) so I'm not too concerned about a few missing pictures now.

In a way, I've disappeared as well. I've started journaling once again in real life and that has been one of the reasons for my absence, among others (which I don't need to elaborate on but includes the following: dial-up internet, a geriatric computer, and a crazy ministry life).

Not much has changed over the past several months since I've returned from my missions trip. I'm still very much enjoying ministry and putting out interesting fires here and there. The majority of my closest friends have either moved overseas or elsewhere so I've been a hermit this past year. I took a leap of faith this fall by getting involved in two ministries at my church that are new to me but I'm recognizing that my busy ministry activities are keeping me from doing too much and that I may need to cut back a little bit. One of my commitments ends in a few weeks so that will be nice!

I'm also anxiously looking forward to my holidays and although I've succumbed to the "staycation" trend as a result of finances, I know it will be so refreshing to slow down and take a break. I've been overworked for the past month and have gone two-three weeks without a day off, which I know is a warning sign to stop something somewhere. Thankfully, by November, this insane pattern will stop and life will return to normal.*

Thus concludes my brief post in which I assure my non-existent readers that I am alive and well :) I'm content in where I am at and I look forward to a full but not overwhelming schedule. Plus, it looks to be a warmish winter which always sits well with me!

* What is normal when you're in ministry? I know, rhetorical question.

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